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Flipz_._'s CSGO Bhop Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Flipz_._ - Edit Reason: i forgot to add my friends account i used

Steam Name(s): Flipz \(^v^)/

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:201299084


Admin that banned you: autoban

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): server ban


Why should you be unbanned?


bout to kms foley unbanned me today cuz i dont cheat and i got on my friends account to do !call admin to see wtf i got banned and i got that account banned just for sitting still and the discord says its cuz i got onto a alt but i didnt know that would happen and got banned then once i got unbanned u was bhopping with a csgo admin Tockys and i was telling him how stupid the first ban was and he agreed and now im bout to kms becuase it thinks my main account is a alt account but its not just trying to call admin, please help before i kms irl,ty foley for earlier. (my friends account) (Woah) (STEAM_0:0:133287518)


Edited by Flipz_._
i forgot to add my friends account i used

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