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Your thoughts on the Internets problems with Misinformation etc and delivering good content

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Your thoughts on the Internet's problems with Misinformation etc and delivering good content  without stiffuling debate etc on a credible platform.  Verified Platform.


Your thoughts on the Internet's ongoing  problems with delivery reliable trusted content via social media, with its core still allowing freedom of speech, and overcoming massive issues with Misinformation, Spin and validating content and protection Enforcement of Rule 2030 eg Facebook Antitrust etc and delivering on credible fact checks.....



"The Truth Which is Out There ......Nowhere :) " Our new POD FAST project 2030....a clean NEW NET , clean verified CONTENT .....sponsored by WAI and GFX BTC Trading Co....voted BEST TRUSTED Crypto Platform 2020 !!!!!


SpaZBot thanks you for your valuable support.... 20 Prizes to win just by filling out your thought on your opion on the NET and its ongoing issues ******* WIN  10  What About IT ? SpaceX Nutz Subscriptions 12 months Subscription ********* We need your valuable honest thoughts ........


eg Do you know about the DDI malware default status RULE ? on Content Delivery ?


Could CRYPTO Bitcoin and the BLOCKCHAIN can solve the massive inherent ongoing problems of Fraud, Scams and Customer Payment Protection ? in the near future ?





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