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TTT 2 Role Tips: Jackal

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Out of boredom and due to a lot of people being less knowledgeable about TTT2 roles compared to normal TTT roles, I thought it would be fun to make a page of tips for certain roles, both for playing as and against them, starting with one of the simplier roles, Jackal.



Tips for Playing as Jackal:

  • Just like when playing as a Traitor, try to pass yourself off as an innocent as much as possible. Unlike when playing as a Traitor, you got the unique advantage of being able to murder a Traitor and use that as evidence to prove yourself. This will not always convince more experienced players, but it does help fly you under the Radar for a bit.
  • It is sometimes a good idea to try to claim yourself as Spy, if you're forced to use a T shop weapon to dispose of a T and there is a witness. As spy and Jackal both have access to the T shop, this can be a useful claim. Please note that Traitors will easily identify you as being some kind of evil role upon stating this however, as they'll know you're not a spy and will likely make you a priority target. Additionally, a Traitor could out you as not being a Spy, but people are unlikely to believe a Traitor.
  • I highly advise against claiming yourself as the Priest Role, especially against more experienced players. While the excuse sounds good at first, a major difference between the Jackal and the Priest is that the Jackal's sidekick deagle is one use, and disappears upon hitting someone, as well as having a massive cooldown if you miss your shot. An attentive player will notice your deagle disappearing instantly after the shot, and will gun you down/call you and your new sidekick out for it.
  • Keep in mind that shooting a special role such as a Detective, Traitor, or Spy, will cause them to still appear as said role to their teammates on both the scoreboard and when seen. This does not apply to roles whos identities were found out by iding them, such as a Restless or a Pharaoh, and will be easy to spot as being sidekicked due to their name color disappearing from the scoreboard. A Jackaled Detective is an incredibly useful teammate due to their ability to blend in for a long period of time and having a lot of built in excuses to use when murdering someone.
  • The sidekick deagle can be useful as an emergency defense weapon, or when you need to get rid of someone's role quickly. As the Sidekick Role replaces their previous role, this means Pharaohs and Restless cannot revive, Jesters are no longer Jesters, it ignores being paintballed by a Marker, and can save yourself in a pinch by turning your attacker into a teammate. 
  • If you can figure out the Jester's identity, the Jester is a fantastic Sidekick target if it is well known as being a confirmed Jester. People are likely to ignore them completely due to it being a terrible idea to kill a Jester and their lack of ability to harm people, allowing them to pull off sneaky kills that otherwise would not be possible.
  • If the original Jackal Dies, the Sidekick becomes a new Jackal with their own sidekick deagle. It may be advantageous in certain situations to intentionally kill yourself in order to get a new Sidekick Deagle and sidekick. 
  • It is a good idea to carry a deagle on you, as it helps disguise the fact you're holding a Sidekick Deagle.


Tips for Playing against a Jackal:

  • Be very suspicious of a Detective if they suddenly appear holding a T shop item such as an Ak-47 or Duck Grenade. This could be a sign they were sidekicked, and is especially suspicious if there is no known dead roles  that could have been carrying one, and if they refuse to answer where they got it from. Additionally, be extra suspicious of a Detective who is suddenly unwilling to provide a health station or use a visualizer. 
  • Pay attention to what weapons someone is holding. If they switch from one kind of pistol to a deagle and didn't claim themselves as a Priest, this is a major giveaway they are a Jackal. Related, but if someone fires a Deagle and they suddenly go to 'holstered' instantly after landing the shot, this is a telltale sign of a Jackal. Alternatively, noticing a deagle shot dealing no damage is also a potential sign of a Jackal, but it could also be a Priest who didn't claim, or a Jester. 
  • If there is Known to be a JAckal in the round, it is highly recommended to avoid having the priest use his Holy Deagle until the Jackal is killed. If the priest is sidekicked, anyone else in the brotherhood will also be converted. Additionally, if someone was converted after being added to the brotherhood, it will not display to their teammates that they are now evil, and will remain in the brotherhood.
  • If possible, it is recommended to kill the Sidekick before the Jackal, as this prevents a new Jackal from being created. 
  • Pay extra attention to Jesters if there is a Jackal in the round. If they suddenly start being found near dead bodies it is possible they've been converted into the sidekick. Additionally, if you spot a confirmed JEster holding a Discombob or an Incendary, this is a confirmation they are no longer a Jester and should be shot, as Jesters cannot hold these types of Grenades.
  • If a Detective's DNA scanner keeps leading him tokilling innocent people, it is likely hes been sidekicked and is just pretending to still be a Detective.
  • For Traitors: A sidekicked Traitor will still appear to be a Traitor, so it is best to use the same rules as when dealing with a Spy if you suspect a teammate has been sidekicked. 

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