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chet_masterson's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: Ct 2323 Chet

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:502453264

Reason: Not listed. I think it was from me jokingly rdming a guy as a gag, as he decided to block my friends jogging path, and i said "im gonna kill the guy so you can jog" but the guy who i killed didnt do anything about it so i thought he would be cool about it and just take it as a gag.

Admin: I have no clue. it doesnt list.

Why this should be revoked:

I wasnt really talked to or warned or nothing for this ban, I just pulled this rdm as a joke, in a gag like situation, and then got arrested and perma banned for some unknown person. I tried to connect but it just said "I was banned". I think maybe a warn would be okay for this, as even though it was a joke situation, it was still rdm, but I don't think its fair to just perma ban me with no reason listed. 


The gag situation was this: A friend who I made during training was trying to walk, but a purple guy stopped him. a crowd formed around them while they argued about who should move first. As a continuation of the joke, I went and shot the purple guy so my fellow ct could keep on walking. I was jailed (which was expected) but then perma banned. 


I dont really understand the need to perma ban me, especially in such a light hearted and joking situation. 

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Hello thank you for applying for a ban appeal.

I have done some investigating and it appears you did not get a perma ban but instead got a 1week ban for "FailRP with NITRP" By @Harakoni

Also when being banned it should say why you are banned and by who but I have notified the person that banned you.

Former CWRP Admin -  / Currently CWRP - Main - Gmod - Rust Discord Mod


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