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Cheef Keef's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Cheef Keef



Punished by:

not specified

Reason for the punishment:

mass rdm (?)

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I have been playing on this server for quite a while with little to no history of RDM. Now when I kill people, namely DOOT, killer, etc. who were RDMing, I get banned for RDM. Very ironic. I acknowledge that a few of my kills in that last round were plain RDM. However, a week ban for an rdm or 2 and 2 kills on RDMers seems a bit extreme. 

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On the 4th round of the map, there were two reports filed against you to which you gave non-responses (in that you did not explain the reasoning for the kills). Checking logs for the round revealed 3 teams kills, the threshold for mass rdm, and, as a result, you were banned in line with our guidelines for mass rdm (3 kills -> 1 week).


Ultimately, I will not be reversing this ban because:

  1. Revenge RDM is still RDM. Even if they were RDMing, the correct course of action would have been to attempt to contact an admin or to file a report on the forums, rather than to kill them. RDMing the RDMers just exacerbates the situation.
  2. You should have been banned for reaching the warn threshold (7) the last time you were warned by an admin.


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