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tkeRyan's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by tkeRyan

Steam Name(s): soil

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:57697704


Admin that banned you: fandeltales

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): pgag


Why should you be unbanned?


Got RDM'd and I'm asking why the dude wasn't slain and FandelTales is blatantly ignoring me and the dude who rdm'd me is taunting me and I called him a f*ggot. Instead of answering FandelTales lets me argue w him and call him retard 100x instead of just telling me why he wasn't slain but once I say ******* I've gone to far. Just check my !warns earlier and saw I had none which is a fat jump, I said I'll eat a mutee thinking it'd be five minutes and fandel literally admitted after that he made it perm because he was doing something and didn't wanna deal with me ever. seems biased considering Roger and Lonely are the only admins who use the "X is handling your report/handled your report" or ever asks anyone there side of the story EVER.



I got RDM'd because I killed a T, picked up his ak, called it in vc, walked into the middle of ttt_dolls, prime sniper territory, and someone over voice told me to type it, i go under the desk to type it and get rdm'd by lil marshmellow, all this horse shit ensues because Fandel can't type '!p so not slaying sorry' and would rather have me antagonize other players for answers



quick reply to say it's !comms not !warns i found out and Ive been muted by him for this slur before so i guess its justified. 2nd gag perma rip but i dont think it justifies fandel literally ignoring me but i say the f word time to step in

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had 2k fking likes and 700 god tier shitposts on the old site ggs

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