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the furrys are striking back....

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Posted  Edited by Sonicsnake

in-game-like story=


In a old site, the duc leader left, leaving a turret to charge, as the (idk how to call haxray) p e r s on was his companion


as the site managers  started to see how personal of their own would prefer to go to another sites  they started to transfer scps from other sites to their own, that increased the personal by a bunch for a few weeks, but they were leaving again, to not let that happen they added more, but one day something came....


it was a rifle, with a rock inside, with the abilities of transforming the person who touches it to a fox, making them a furry


"well this must be easy to code i guess" they said as they added it to the site but they dint think of the consecuences.....


then it started, d class running, scientist on 914 and tro waiting....


it was like all days until a d class found to gun and tried to neutral kill a scientist...


the d class shot and saw that the scientist beggined turning into a fox, he horrified ran away from the furry person


the scientist still had some humanity so he wandered around and then saw a group of 3 d class, they were lost...


he found that they left 914 open so with one last wish he entered to cease his pain but he dint die, he got out as a total furry, with the cost of his humanity


he now had one simple goal "propage" he stealed the keycard from the d classes corpses and upgraded them, then opened the rifle room and started arming


then he got to heavy contaiment zone and heared gunshots...


he then went to entrance zone and saw a conflic with the scps and the tro


he saw one of the tro trying to shot the scp with the rifle  but realising it cannot hurt scps and dying


the furry then tried to get the rifle and had to sneak to get to it and when he did then he shot one of the tros, then the others realised that one of them was a fox now, they panicked and fled closing the doors on the furry one


realising that if the continued chasing his allies he would die from the scps, he ran


and so he then wanting to die went to 914, to so the story repeated itself.....


until the round ended


but somewhere in the facility there is still a rumour that there is a furry one and that will make you so a furry....




a late hallowen tale that i procastinated to the end



Edited by Sonicsnake


epic = )


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