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Physiological reasoning

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Why do people act the way they do or believe in what they believe? Is it past experiences, spiritually, or is it simple facts? Everyone has a belief and opinion, why do people believe what they are told instead of question it? Famous people and founding fathers of the world dare to question it so if we all had a thinking mind to find the true answer would we evolve more? Is there a way to reprogram a person to do better? The military is a good example it tears you down then builds you up so can everything start from birth? How can you get someone's view on a situation to convert them to your side? Are you willing to change if the view is right? Do people look to highly of themselves to look at the bigger picture?


In today's world why do people choose to select biden and not Trump is it because they hate that he is doing good or the fact fake news are miss leading everyone. Many things can be a reason why people act the way they do but who should we blame them , the parents, social media, God? Is reaching the realization the solution? how can we find there view or concept to reach there realization?


Prison is for people to do there time but is it changing the way they are should they goto boot camp reprogram them or should we try other means, the mind travels far and is like a computer, sometimes you got to detox and get rid of unimportant information that's taking up space. Even views on this topic will be portrayed differently because no mind is the same.


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Personally, I believe a lot of our beliefs, opinions, and reasonings come from how we were raised. A lot of things parents teach their kids, even small things they teach, can determine how you see the world, social issues, etc when you are older. 

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