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twitch Facecam overlay! Art Request from JGuary55

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Request type:

twitch Facecam overlay!



So my facecam res is 1920x1080


Source image/render: 

So to explain this better, the outside colors (yellow,pink,blue,purple,) I want it changed to my color scheme color, then where the Faze logo is at I want my sloth that I have, (salad can send you them) or I can send it via DMS. Also where the person with a + is, can it be changed with a regular heart and the one with  a hand can you make it a star 🙂 if you need me to explain more and better lol DM me 🙂

See the source image


Text *(optional):



Color scheme *(optional):

The color scheme I want, I sent to Salad ask him for the color scheme





Additional information: 


ah perfect for my color scheme I want it this color, so the outside border can it be this purple

Sloth be right back.png


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