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Adding a new loading screen to TTT Anarchy

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I made a quick edit of the TTT anarchy roles and what they do post, making it somewhat shorter and more compact to fit into an image. I think it would be great if said image was added as a loading screen image it would immediately introduce players that are loading in for the first time to the new roles, saving part of the hassle. That being said the image is probably far too large in it's current state so it would require further editing but you get the idea of this suggestion


Here's the full thing in text form as well 


Welcome to GFLClan's TTT Anarchy Server!

List of all roles and what they do

Spy: Team: Innocent.  Appears as a Traitor to the Traitor team, and is able to 'fake' buy items from the T shop. The spy is not informed as to who the Traitors are. Spies will appear as a Traitor when their body is Ided. While the Spy is alive, Traitors are unable to use team chat. 

Beacon: Team: Innocent. A Starts out hidden, but gains a stacking stat buff every time another innocent player dies. After enough stacks are reached, they start glowing, revealing their identity to everyone.

Priest: Team: Innocent. Spawns with a special Holy Deagle. The Holy Deagle has limited ammo that it slowly regenerates overtime. Shooting an innocent role with the Holy Deagle(Not counting detectives) adds them to the priest's Brotherhood. Someone who is a part of the Brotherhood sees the name of all other Brotherhood members highlighted in green on the scoreboard. If the Priest shoots an infected or sidekick with the Holy Deagle, they are killed. If they shoot a Marker, every member of the Brotherhood gets considered as Marked. Shooting any other evil role simply kills the Priest. If the Priest is converted into An infected or turned into a sidekick by the Jackal, ALL members of the brotherhood will also be affected. If a player's role is changed to an evil role after they are introduced into the brotherhood, they remain inside the Brotherhood.

Pharaoh: Team: Innocent. Spawns with a special Ankh they can place down. The Pharaoh will revive at the Ankh if they are killed, and the Ankh grants a slow health regeneration while within its Radius. However, placed Ankhs can be destroyed permanently by anyone, and have 500 health. Upon reviving, the Ankh will be destroyed and the Pharaoh will only have 50 health. Reviving is on a 10 second delay after death. Upon playing the Ankh, one of the Traitors will be transformed into the Graverobber. The Graverobber behaves the same as a normal Traitor, however they have the ability to steal the Pharaoh's Ankh for their own use.

Survivalist: Team: Innocent. Starts with access to the Detective shop and a single credit they can spend to buy an item. Appears as a Grey Icon on the Detective(or other friendly roles)'s Radar informing them of their identity.

Skirmisher: Team: Innocent. Upon killing a player, the Skirmisher regains a certain amount of health.

Executioner: Team: Traitor. They are given a player as a target. They deal extra damage against their target. If their target dies, they obtain a new target after a period of time. 

Mesmerist: Team: Traitor. They spawn with a one use defib that can revive any dead player as a Traitor. The revived player will not appear as alive on the scoreboard if their body was already ided. Players revived are given the Thrall role, which behaves identically to the default Traitor. Mesmerists start with only one credit.

Thrall: Team: Traitor. Created when the Mesmerist revives a dead person as a Traitor. Identical to a normal Traitor outside of the name.

Defective: Team: Traitor. Appears to be a Detective to the innocent team, and has access to the Detective Shop. The Defective does not take the place of a Normal Detective spawn, and instead spawns in addition to the normal amount of Detectives. When ided, the Defective will show up as a Detective.

Glutton: Team: Traitor.  Is unable to access the T shop, but has access to an unique weapon and a hunger meter. The Glutton is able to eat corpses with its weapon, healing and gaining additional max health. It can also be used as a weapon to damage other players. The Glutton's hunger meter will slowly fill as time goes on. The higher the bar, the more damage is dealt to players with the weapon, but if the hunger bar gets full, the Glutton becomes the Ravenous, a role that is no longer on the traitor team and must kill everyone to win.The Hunger bar drains whenever the Glutton eats a corpse. Other Traitors are able to view the current status of the hunger bar when looking at the Glutton.

Haunted: Team: Traitor. Does not have access to the Traitor shop. Upon someone killing the Haunted, they gain the Haunted status and are surrounded by Black smoke. Upon the player with the Haunted status being killed, the Haunted will respawn with 50 health. This effect can happen multiple times. 

Jester: Team: Jester Type: Special Evil.  that has the goal of wanting to get themselves killed. If they die, their killer will also be killed, and they will respawn with a random role that is the opposite of their killer's role(For example, if a Traitor killed them they could spawn as an Innocent or a neutral evil, if an Inno kills them they'll respawn as an evil role). 

Jackal: Team: Jackal Type: Killing Evil. They win by killing everyone else, not counting the Jester. They have access to the Traitor Shop.  They spawn with a special Sidekick Deagle that comes with one shot. The shot regenerates overtime if you fail to shoot someone with it. Upon hitting a player with the Sidekick Deagle, they become a Sidekick and allied with the Jackal. If the person shot with the Sidekick Deagle was a Detective, they continue to display as a Detective for the innocent team. If the person shot with the Sidekick Deagle was originally a Traitor or a Spy, they will continue to display as a Traitor for the Traitor Team, however the T's chat will be re-enabled if it was the Spy converted. If the original Jackal dies and the Sidekick is still alive, the Sidekick will become a new Jackal and gain their own Sidekick Deagle.

Sidekick: Team: Jackal Type: Killing Evil. This role is created when the Jackal shoots someone with their sidekick deagle. It overrides their previous role and they are now on the Jackal's team. They gain access to a T shop same as the jackal, and can speak to the Jackal using team chat. When the original Jackal dies, the sidekick turns into a replacement Jackal, gaining their own sidekick deagle.

Restless: Team: Restless Type: Killing Evil.  They win by killing everyone else, not counting the Jester. They have the ability to come back to life three times in a round, but each time they respawn they have less health and deal less damage. They will respawn at a random spawnpoint when killed.

Infected: Team: Infected Type: Killing Evil.  They win by killing everyone else. People they kill with their fists or guns(Provided they still hit the corpse with their fists within a few seconds) come back as Infected on the side of the Infected. People revived this way have 30 health, are visible as a zombie skin and are armed with fists that can kill someone in 2 hits. They also gain a speed boost. The infected IS able to kill the Jester without giving the Jester a win. However, if the original Infected is killed, all other infected also perish. 

Marker: Team: Marker Type: Special Evil.  They want to mark a certain percentage of the total number of living people(displayed on their hud) with their paintball gun. The total amount of people needing to be marked reduces as the amount of living players decreases, but will no longer reduce at a certain amount. Alongside their paintball gun, they spawn with a single use defib that can revive a dead player as their original role. They can only deal heavily reduced damage to Marked players, and cannot damage unmarked players.  Players who are Marked are unable to damage the Marker.

Unknown: Team: None Type: Neutral. A neutral Role. Like the Jester, they want to be killed. Upon being killed, they respawn with the same role as their killer. They cannot win the round without having been killed and changing to another team. Unlike the Jester, they are capable of dealing damage. They will not respawn if their killer dies while they are reviving. 

Amnesiac: Team: None Type: Special Evil. Upon investigating a body, becomes the role of the dead person. Cannot win without assuming a role. Amnesiacs can either murder someone and take their role from their body, or try to find a dead body on their own. All players are informed when the Amnesiac claims a role, as well as what role they claimed.  The Amnesiac deals reduced damage to players until they obtain a role from a body. Amnesiac counts as an evil role in regards to the Priest

Serial Killer: Team: Serial Killer Type: Killing Evil. Wants to kill everyone who is not the Jester. Has access to an unique variant of Radar called the Pinger, that shows player's outlines through walls. Also has access to his own unique shop menu separate from the Traitor and Detective menus, with his own unique items.

Mimic: Team: None Type: Special Neutral. An neutral role. They are unable to win by default and must instead copy someone's role by pressing E on them. The Mimic is unable to copy the Marker, and will instead transform into a marked Amnesiac.

Doppelganger: Team: Doppelganger Type: Neutral Evil/Special Evil They win by killing everyone else who is not on the Doppelganger's team. They are able to steal someone's role by pressing E on them, similar to the Mimic. However, they remain on the Doppleganger team after taking their role, and their Victim loses their role and transforms into an Unknown. Like the Mimic, Attempting to Transform into the Marker will instead result in turning into a marked Amnesiac. Additionally, the Doppelganger cannot steal the roles of the Infected or Beacon.

Randy Rando: Team: Randy Rando Type: Neutral Evil/Special Evil They win by killing everyone else. They spawn with a radomat, and upon using the Randomat, one of various special events/round modifiers will trigger. Some are good, some are bad, some simply cause mass chaos. Rando has a lower spawn rate than most other neutral evil roles. 



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