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Ban Appeal for Tiger

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Posted  Edited by Tiger - Edit Reason: Didnt use format

Name: ✡Ioannes✡


Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tiger1379/


Banned by:MyPHART


Ban reason: i was banned for mass rdm because i thought i saw someone in the T room, so i KOSED them, and when i killed them which was in the tower they were inno, and so another inno so me do it and i said "Shit im gonna KMS" and then after i said that they started shooting me so i killed them, whitch then so i got reported by 2 people(Myphart did nothing wrong and he was just doing he job)


Why you should be unbanned: I dont know if i should be unbanned but im on the server quite frequently and i know all players and staff and i enjoy being on the server

If i cant be unbanned i would just like to know when i will be unbanned


Thank you

-Tiger or ✡Ioannes✡

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Didnt use format

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Posted  Edited by myPHART

Well, I said I would be lenient and only ban for a day, bc you did kill 3 innos, which is considered mass. But, seeing the situation you were in, I just put in a ban for consistency.


EDIT: I didn't ban for mass, I just banned for consistent RDM.

Edited by myPHART

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