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Event #222 -- Map Votes


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  1. 1. Map Votes

    • Event Nomination: "Movies" Map Combo
    • Event Nomination: "Soft Served" Map Combo
    • Event Nomination: "Resident Evil Marathon"
    • Event Nomination: "The Permanent Time Loop" Map Combo
    • Event Nomination: "Maps GFL has beaten -- Old Maps, Older Settings - Part I"

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  • Poll closed on 03/26/2021 at 12:00 PM

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General Information:


This is an event-vote based off our Event Megathread (which means next week we'll open up a regular nominations thread), if you'd like to see your own nomination show up in these megathread votes don't forget to drop your nomination in said thread and it'll be picked!


Information on what these nominations are will be written in this post.

These votes will close on: Friday March 26th @ 6:00AM CDT


Event will be on: Saturday March 27th @ 4:00PM CDT.


Event Nominations:

Event Nomination: "Movies" Map Combo -- by Sir Ross

Consists of:

  • ze_nostromo_v1_0f
  • ze_predator_ultimate_v3
  • ze_shaun_of_the_dead_b3
  • ze_alien_vs_predator_v5


Event Nomination: "Soft Served" Map Combo -- by The Q-man

Consists of:

  • ze_ashen_keep_v0_3
  • ze_journey_v1_2
  • ze_chroma_v0_4
  • ze_mist_v1_3

Special Kickers:

  • sv_airaccelerate set to 1,000
  • Freeze grenades instead of fire grenades


Event Nomination: "Resident Evil Marathon" -- by Haste (hi Haste)

Consists of:

  • ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004
  • ze_biohazard2_sewer_v4c
  • ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5_2s
  • ze_biohazard_manor_v4a_004
  • ze_RE4_castle_a3


Event Nomination: "The Permanent Time Loop" Map Combo -- by Lv.100 Crobat

Consists of:

  • ze_shroomforest_v4_5
  • ze_shroomforest2_v1
  • ze_shroomforest3_b6_2

Special Kickers:

  • If we beat Shroom3 with the bad ending then we'll restart from Extreme 1 of Shroom3, this only applies if humans get teleported to the end area and the credits roll. If the bad ending is obtained and humans lose before the final teleport then this kicker won't apply. (Restarting all the way from the beginning of Shroom1 was too much).


Event Nomination: "Maps GFL has beaten -- Old Maps, Older Settings - Part I" -- by yours truly

Consists of:

  • ze_lila_panic_escape_hellz_v2
  • ze_ffxii_westersand_v5_2
  • ze_fapescape_b4_1
  • ze_parkers_pit_b8
  • ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v3_1

Special Kickers:

  • Maps will be played with "Classic GFL" settings. (800 ammo, fire grenades, no Top Defender, no NoShake, no Defender money, lower Zombie knockback and rebuys enabled at normal weapon prices except for Kevlar, which costs $9000)

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