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Minimum requirements to apply for moderator

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: Added age requirement for Discord

Thank you for your interest in our team!


Some requirements are dependent on how many moderators we have at the time of your application when it's submitted.  To see how many people are on your team of interest you can look at the Moderation Team List.


  • All applicants should at least be a member.  You can apply here if you aren't a member yet.
  • Only one moderation application per 30 days since the application closed.




  • Must be at least 18 years old due to Discord terms of service and community guidelines (this is not our own rule and no exceptions can be made, sorry).
  • If there are less than 5 Discord Moderators not including Senior Moderators, then the message count requirement is 500.
  • Otherwise: We expect that you have at least 1000 messages.




  • Forum post count requirement is at least 100.


Alternative requirement: Sponsorship


If you do not meet the message or post count requirement, then we understand you might be an outstanding member in other ways.  A Senior Moderator, Team Leader, or Division Leader+ may sponsor your application and they must attest for it on your application (so you should ask them before applying).


We are also now accepting sponsorship from relevant Server Managers.  Relevant Server Manager means that they are a Server Manager for a game that is covered by Discord you are applying for.  For example: A TTT Rotation Manager can sponsor your application for GMOD Discord, but the same manager cannot sponsor a CWRP application (unless they happen to be a CWRP manager too).


Remember: Being able to apply or having a sponsor does not guarantee you a position on the team.  This is just the minimum requirements for your application to be considered should you apply.  We're anxious for people who are visibly active (without spamming), have shown friendliness and good behaviour, and can mostly get along with our team members even if we have different opinions on topics, which happens a lot in moderation.  Please use the proper form for the application, which is Discord Moderator Application Form or Forum Moderator Application Form.

Edited by Joshy
Added age requirement for Discord


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