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TTT2: DNA Scanner Tutorial

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The DNA scanner is an item for Detectives that people seem to have trouble understanding. Heres a quick TL:DR if you want assistance as to how it works.


-When a person dies, there is a chance they'll have the DNA of their killer on the body. This is clearly marked when searching the body.

-Switch to the DNA scanner and click left click on a body with DNA. it will confirm you got DNA, and it will now display an arrow pointing to the killer.

-DNA doesn't last forever on a body. 

If you want a more elaborate thread on how DNA works, and other things you can DNA scan, click the following link

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 Also just a reminder to be careful with the arrow, especially in a place with multiple floors (basements, towers, etc), as the DNA arrow doesn't take in to account elevation. Please do double check to make sure the arrow is pointing to the correct person on the right height.

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