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Infractions timing out

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Pretty clear cut suggestion, have some sort of public document/statement that declares when an infraction is no longer held against you.  Minor/Major obviously could have it's own timeframe for expiring.

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I mentioned this in the Discord when it was being discussed, but I'll add my thoughts here as well.


Warns/infractions/whatever you wanna call them expiring only after a year is ridiculous. To me, it gives no room for second chances if there's a slip up or something before the year is up. In my opinion, they should expire after 1-2 months in the majority of cases. There's almost no reason to look at someone who messes up and accidentally spams something or whatever and hold a previous warn from 5 months ago against it, especially when there haven't been any issues since. The way warns are now actively discourages second chances, virtually saying that there's no way anyone can change or make an honest mistake if it hasn't been a year. Does it really seem so impossible that people can't change in less than a year? Does it really make sense to hold a minor issue from months ago, that everyone has forgotten, against someone? Does it make sense to do all this without having a way to publicly see how many warns or whatever a person has?


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I personally support this.  I've made the suggestion before and it did not carry enough weight to be approved at the time, but maybe things are different now.  I hope it maybe approved sometime soon in the future.  Right now I don't like the "rule of thumb" determining if the infraction is old or not.  Luckily it's not a very common scenario most people who rack up a lot of infractions will do it in 1-2 months, and so I think 6 months is a fair and reasonable number (elegant since it's biannual too).

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