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Lolfakename08's Discord Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Lolfakename08

Which Discords(s) are you appealing?: 



Discord username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why was action taken against you?: 

I gave a couple of friends an invite to another gmod server in dms and one of them reported me.


Why should the action be reversed or reduced?

I think it should be reversed because I know now, I should not have done this at all, and it was a bad idea on my part, and I should have never sent those invites and I did not mean to cause any harm to the Gfl servers, and I thought it was fine to send in dms and I didn't think it was advertising and it was against Gfl rules I'm 14 I was dumb, I should have known better and I will try to improve on Gfl and this was my first ban and I Have learned from this ban how to be better on Gfl and this community I care about and I do not intend to advertising or break any Gfl rules.


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I don't mind an unban happening. Despite the breach of the rules, I don't think you were fully intent on the whole thing being malicious.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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Posted  Edited by Joshy

You should be good to go now 🙂 Please do your best to stay away from sticky situations like that again.  We're happy to lift your ban, but it isn't taken lightly- not expecting for you to be saint like, but aim for good behaviour and run it by a discord mod if you're unsure.  Welcome back.

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