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MutedMike's Discord Appeal

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Which Discords(s) are you appealing?: 



Discord username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why was action taken against you?: 

I got muted for posting a meme with the "c" slur in it, and it got flagged by a discord mod and I got muted for 12 hours. This is the meme: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/817179873642676295/979829063348793404/20220527_002323.jpg


Why should the action be reversed or reduced?

Considering the fact that the r slur is far more recognized as a slur by the better part of the GMOD division than the c slur, and that the former is allowed to be said freely without repercussions while the latter is subject to a mute, I find it comes off as inconsistent and biased when one slur is allowed but another, less hurtful, and easily argued as not a slur (won't get into that here since it'll turn into a politics thing and arguments rooted under the pretense of politics never get anywhere), I think it should either be overturned or the policy on the r slur reconsidered.



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Hi Mike. Apologies for late response (had to wait to hear back from some people),


Knowing that my standpoint is slightly conflicted with your appeal (since I did the mute), I spoke with several other GMOD moderators, who all voted in favor of denying your appeal.

Please understand as well, I don't think it makes much sense to start comparing different slurs to each other. What you said is considered to be a racial slur based on the context involved, which have historically not been allowed on our platforms. 


Your mute will remain as the previously established 12 hour duration. 


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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