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Kage no Yurei

Kage no Yurei's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Evander the vanquisher but it was kage no yurei  is my steam name now



Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:


Why should your punishment be revoked?


I check the other account that got banned and it said around 9 30ish and I believe I was playing Valhalla I believe these are the hours of games I played that week 

 gmod 18.5 hours 
skyrim 10.2 hours
rdr2 8.6 hours
fallout new vegas 10.2 hours
gta SA 6 minutes 



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It's just skills not hacks.

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Well, I guess technically the original ban did occur on Anarchy and I should send it back, but I figure we can settle this once and for all as I've been watching this play out for as long as it has. 


As far as I'm aware it was known that you use a VPN for playing on the server, and VPNs can be troublesome for our ban system. But you were also an avid regular on Anarchy, and even though the other account that was made matches up with the time you were banned, we've seen issues previously where regulars of ours would get punished or banned by accounts they had no association with, so I can say that our system isn't entirely perfect.


So for that reason I'm accepting this appeal. In the event that it was you on that alternate account, I do recommend further to NOT ban evade, as there will not be a second chance if you are caught doing so. Welcome back, and have fun.

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