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Nursing Home

Nursing Home For Sex Offenders Mute Appeal

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Your name (in-game): Nursing Home For Sex Offenders


Your SteamID:


The name of the admin that punished you:

annoying furry/Phee

Reason for your punishment:

Just had a perma-mute removed via appeal, instantly started causing problems again.

Why your punishment should be revoked:
Dear GFL,


At the time of this Perma mute,  I was misconstrued to be a part of a new group of players that were being very toxic. I said a plain remark dissing old people, probably something along the lines of "imagine being old". I was then muted for ageism by Phee before annoying furry perma muted me due to my prior mute/gag history. I understand I have already appealed this before and that my prior mute/gag history is very lengthy and immature, but over the past 10 months, I've only had one true gag infraction(others were for static in mic). I believe I have changed and would not cause problems in chat if I were to be unmuted. 




Nursing Home

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