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TTT Rotation: MoTD Suggestions (See Reply!)

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Welcome to GFLClan's TTT Rotation Server!

This MoTD is subject to change. If a rule is not present in the MoTD or there is confusion regarding one, please contact an Admin or Server Manager (see Staff List/Discord below).


Additional Resources:


  • Innocents work together to defeat the Traitors through elimination or time.

  • Traitors work together to eliminate all of the Innocents.

  • Detectives are Innocents equipped with DNA Scanners. There is 1 Detective for every 8 players; if there are 16 players, there are 2 Detectives.

    • DNA Scanners let the user retrieve a killers DNA from bodies, which lets them know where the killer is. DNA can also be retrieved from items such as C4.

  • Detectives and Traitors may purchase special equipment by pressing the ‘C’ key.

    • In order to purchase this equipment they must spend credits.

      • Detectives receive a credit once a Traitor's body is ID'd.

      • Traitors receive a credit once a Detective's body is ID'd.

      • Both Detectives and Traitors may pick up unused credits from dead bodies.


  1. Type !member in game chat or click: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/.

  2. Once completed, you will become a GFL Member! A map change/relog may be required. 

TTT Rotation Member perks include:

  • Playermodels and cosmetics.

  • Crowbar knives.

  • Traitor and Detective passes (these guarantee that you will be either a Traitor or Detective next round!).


Admin word is final! If you have an issue with an Admins judgement, contact @AlphaOwl or @KeiraJJ.

  • Do not be toxic.

  • Do not be racist or use discriminatory/hate-filled language.

  • Do not try to loophole/abuse the rules.

  • Do not disrespect other players or staff.

  • Do not advertise or promote non-GFL servers.

  • Do not hack.

  • Do not use voice changers or soundboards.

  • Do not impersonate admins.

  • Do not post/use links that violate our Spray Guidelines or rules.

  • Do not speak any language but English.


  • Do not RDM (damage or kill someone at random/without a legitimate reason).

  • Do not kill anyone off of suspicion/suspicious acts.

  • Do not karma bait (doing something KOSable to trick players into lowering their karma).

  • Do not prop fly or prop surf.

  • Do not claim areas.

  • Do not camp areas for more than 30 seconds.

  • Do not body/prop block. It is KOSable after 2 warnings in text chat with 5 seconds between each warning. 

  • Do not kill, push or position AFKs to their death until overtime.

  • Do not help Traitors in any way when Innocent.

  • Do not join gunfights where no one is proven innocent.

  • Do not push with the crowbar if it presents clear danger. You may push someone if it is safe to do so.

  • Do not use map exploits; please inform an admin if you find any.

  • Do not falsely report players.

  • Do not set up someone to die right as a round starts. This is considered RDM.

    • Pre-round attempts to kill people may result in slays.

  • Do not damage/kill people you are stuck in. Wait for an admin to teleport you or hold right click on your magneto stick.

  • Do not kill players as possessed props, as it is considered RDM.

  • Do not arm C4s as innocent. 

  • Allow a person to ID a body that is in front of them or killed (must be in clear vision).

  • Not killing someone when they commit traitorous acts is considered teaming/ghosting.

    • Traitorous acts are actions that only traitors can do (using unclaimed traitor items/weapons - traitor traps are excluded)



  • Force testing is only allowed in OVERTIME, where 2-3 warnings in text chat are given before KOSing after refusing to test.

  • Detectives may not camp inside of the Detective room.

  • Detectives dropping D weapons to unproven innocents may be considered teaming.


  • Traitors damaging/killing other Traitors is still considered RDM.

  • Traitors cannot hint/giveaway their traitor teammates without their permission. 

  • Traitors need to call out deadly traitor map traps, grenades, or jihads in text chat (explosives with radar icons are excluded).

  • Traitors may not delay the round and must make progress. 

  • Dropping traitor items to innocents is considered teaming.


  • Hanging bodies (only traitors can do this).

  • Destroying bodies with useful DNA evidence. This includes making them inaccessible.

  • DNA trace from a DNA Scanner (be careful with RDM situations). 

  • Guilty by association (being with a clearly known Traitor).

  • Goomba stomping - falling on people that damages/kills them.

  • Killing AFKs before overtime.

  • Throwing incendiary grenades towards non-KOSed players or populated areas.

    •  If cooked in hand in a large group of players where it could cause damage, that is also KOSable.

  • Throwing discombobulators towards populated areas that could cause potential harm.

    •  If cooked in hand in a large group of players where it could cause damage, that is also KOSable.

  • Walking past/carrying an unID body with no intent to ID it (give time or make players aware).

  • Entering/being seen in a traitor room (unless proven otherwise).

  • Calling a false KOS on other players (a KOS that isn't true or justified in anyway and just a way to get the player killed).

  • Arming a C4 or planting traitor items (tripwire, body bomb).

  • Activating map traps that are accessible/usable by anyone.

  • Using a Poltergeist/Newton launcher to harm players.

  • Traitor baiting (Shooting at/near other players).

  • Activating a jihad close to other players (even if proven).

  • Prop flying/surfing/gliding.

  • Prop pushing/killing.

    • Use discretion with prop pushing, unless you’re being pushed towards a dangerous area.

  • Damaging/destroying a health station or a portable tester.

    • Also applies if either item becomes unreachable.

    • Rule also applies to map tester (KOSable if broken in preround too).

  • Carrying explosives towards other players (explosive barrels, unidentified body bombs, mine turtles on pool, etc.).

  • Body/prop blocking is KOSable after 2 warnings with 5 seconds in between each warning in text chat.

  • Positioning players towards harm in preround (explosive barrels, mine turtles, near ledges, environmental death areas, etc.).

  • Possessing an unclaimed Traitor weapon (unless claimed specifically in text chat).

    • Give time for them to claim before KOSing.

    • Items that can be bought by both the Detectives and Traitors must be claimed.

  • Process of elimination (one more remaining player unproven).

    • If there are two unproven players remaining, they can fight each other 1v1. 

      • If they come into contact and don’t fight, it is valid to KOS them both.

  • Destroying/damaging innocent win condition items.


You are free to place suspicion on the players, as long as you don’t KOS for these reasons.

  • Pointshop-related items (playermodel, jihad sound, crowbar skins, cosmetics).

  • KOSing a Detective.

  • Claimed Traitor weapons.

  • Unclaimed Detective weapons.

  • Suspicion/Suspicious Acts (this includes in overtime).

    • Location.

    • Facing a traitor trap as it goes off.

    • Verbal traitor baiting in text or voice chat.

      • KOSing yourself.

      • Claiming to/admitting to traitorous acts.

    • Holding the same weapon that killed someone.

    • Not calling out a C4.

    • Telling someone to go use a bomb station.

  • Radar pings (decoy adds ping, disguiser hides ping).


(Scaled) is used to represent what the punishment will be if other punishments have recently been applied. Punishments can scale up multiple times, up until a permanent ban.

  • RDM/Random Damage (attacking/killing a player without justifiable reason):

    • 1 Slay

  • RDM x2 (attacking/killing 2 players without justifiable reason):

    • 1 Slay

  • RDM and Leave (leaving before being slain for RDM):

    • 6 Hour Ban

  • RDM and Leave x2 (leaving before being slain for 2 RDMs):

    • 12 Hour Ban

  • Consistent RDM (RDM across 3+ played rounds or multiple maps):

    • 1 Day Ban

  • Karmaban (karma below 650):

    • 1 Day Ban

  • Mass/Attempted Mass RDM (RDMing 3+ players in a single round):

    • 1 Week (3-5 players), 2 Weeks (6-8 players), 1 Year (9+)

    • 1 Month (Scaled), Permanent (Scaled)

  • Consistent Trolling (breaking various minor server rules over one or more maps):

    • 1 Day, 3 Days (Scaled), 1 Week (Scaled), 1 Month (Scaled),  Permanent (Scaled)

  • Consistent Harassment (verbally antagonizing other player(s) either through text chat or voice chat over one or more maps):

    • 3 Days, 1 Week (Scaled), 1 Month (Scaled), Permanent (Scaled)

  • Targeting (continuously killing a player over the course of 3+ rounds):

    • 1 Week, 1 Month (Scaled), Permanent (Scaled)

  • Ghosting (working with other players to gain knowledge not known to others in the game):

    • 1 Week, 1 Month (Scaled), Permanent (Scaled)

  • Teaming (working with other players to pursue malicious intent):

    • 1 Week, 1 Month (Scaled), Permanent (Scaled)

  • Cheating (using third party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game):

    •  Permanent

  • Excessive amount of infractions (bans, mutes, gags, warns, etc.):

    •  Permanent

  • Doxxing (sharing someone’s personal information through text or voice chat):

    •  Permanent


Infractions can scale with recency of prior infractions, regardless if the infraction is different.

Our scaling policy: (15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, Permanent)

  • Toxicity

  • Discriminatory/Hate-filled language/slurs

  • Extreme/Excessive Perversion

  • Micspam

  • Extremely poor quality/echoing mics

  • Voice changers

  • Advertising


  • !report - allows you to report a player for RDM.
  • !respond - to respond to a report.
  • !motd- to bring up the MoTD.
  • !specme - to move yourself into spectator.
  • !join - to move yourself out of spectator.
  • !help - opens a menu for links to multiple resources/commands for the server.
  • !textures - sends you here to get missing textures and props to fix Garry's Mod. Follow the instructions provided!
  • !member - to apply for GFL Member.
  • !donate - provides a link to donate to the server for Supporter/VIP perks.
  • !tags - allows you to set your chat tag (VIP+ only).
  • @ - allows you to talk to admins only.
    • Example: @Help I'm stuck!
  • !profile <name> - opens the targeted users steam profile.
    • Example: !profile Jeffrey


  • F1 - brings up generic TTT settings/How to play.

  • F2 - toggles muting for live players and spectators (whilst spectating only.

  • F3 - brings up the pointshop menu.

  • F4 - toggles your cursor.

  • F6 - brings up loadouts (Supporter+ only).

  • F8 - brings up the damagelogs, shot logs, and old logs.

  • F10 - brings up console.

  • F12 - takes a screenshot of your in-game screen.

TTT Radio Binds:

  • ttt_radio yes

  • ttt_radio no

  • ttt_radio help

  • ttt_radio imwith

  • ttt_radio see

  • ttt_radio traitor

  • ttt_radio suspect

  • ttt_radio check

  • ttt_toggle_disguise

  • ttt_spectator_mode 0 or 1

How to use TTT Radio Binds:

  1. Open the GMod console by pressing F10 (you may need to enable console in Settings -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console).
  2. Type: bind "x" "ttt_radio traitor".

If you do the above, whenever you press "x" on someone, you will call them a Traitor in text chat. Replace "x" or "ttt_radio traitor" with whatever you would like.

Don't forget to join our Discord!

GMod Main

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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I don't think this is exactly perfect but I'm going to lose my mind if I spend much longer on it! Please share your ideas on the first topic linked.

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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