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Closure of Purge

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Good evening everyone.

It is with deep personal regret I inform you that I will be shutting down our GMOD Purge server. It unfortunately has seen little to no population for quite some time, and I see no reason to keep it online any further. Around the initial launch period, it saw great success, with a regularly large playerbase online, however as everyone knows, it died off quicker than I could retain it.


The server will remain online for an additional short period of time, should anyone want to spend anymore time on the server prior to it's death.

Purge will have an official closure time at Thursday, September 29, 2022 8:00 PM EST!!! Thank you to everyone who supported Purge.


I am sorry that I was unable to keep the server alive, but I still look to the future!


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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