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BlackPeopleNipples's Surf Timer Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): Black People Nipples

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:45227306


Admin that banned you: Akott

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Ban


Why should you be unbanned?

I am resubmitting my appeal and requesting that it is reviewed by someone other than Dini as I feel that he did not care to hear the full story or even give me the opportunity to explain in my initial appeal.

(This is my second time trying to post this as the first time it gave me an error code so I am unsure if it will double post)


Before I explain why I should be unbanned, I will give some context to the story.


My girlfriend (on her own account) was talking to people on the server when this user https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199163692215 started telling her to shut up and fuck off because shes a woman.  After he said how he is going to rape and kill my girlfriend if she doesnt shut up, I started to talk shit to him.  He started going on about how my girlfriend is an inferior whore just because shes a white woman.  On his steam profile he has his girlfriends name in his bio (which is public information), so I start talking about how his girl is going to leave him for me and how Im trying to chat her up on facebook.  I then put in chat "Please add me on facebook (insert his gf's name)" in the sense that I want her to add me on facebook, and not for people to target her.  The insults towards my gf and I continued from this person, and while I dont remember the insults directed towards me, I do remember him repeatedly bashing my gf for being a woman and telling her he was going to rape her.  At this point he was just trying to shit on us for being North American so I was shitting on him for being Bulgarian.  Then I get banned for supposedly doxxing.


While I will admit that this was handled the wrong way and that I should have used calladmin on the other user, I was hoping that after a while he would stop.  I also very rarely report people on servers, so calling an admin is so rare to me I forget I can do it at times.


Now as to why I feel like I should be unbanned (or at least not permanently banned):  I fully admit that the handling of the situation was childish, and talking shit based on him being Bulgarian could definitely be seen as racism, but the facebook comment was taken out of context and it was never my intention to cause targeted harassment as I dont even know if they have a facebook account.  As the ban pertains to doxxing, I hope this clears up the situation a bit.  If theres another issue youd like me to address, please let me know and dont lock the thread so I can respond.

I have no interest in causing problems on the server, and the fact that this is my only offence should be evidence of that.  Im just trying to surf with my girlfriend.  Ill understandably take a ban or a mute, but I believe a perm ban for this situation is too much.



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Reminder if you continue to spam appeals you will be banned from posting on the forums as well. It does not help your case that there is no proof on any of the stuff mentioned so far all I know you are making up a story to help you. Also, it doesn't help you. What would come from the info you provided is that person also being looked into, that is it (which would be better if proof provided). You still stated "add me on facebook" with someone's entire name (that was not known as everyone on the server doesn't click on this one person and read bio after clicking "view more"). 

Your ban still remains, feel free to appeal WAY in the future if you still wish to have another chance but for the time being the ban was justified. Have a good day.

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