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Wassup Peeps

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So, my name is Loïc, I'm from Switzerland and I'm a Bhoper (even if on GFLC EU server I'm just a casual it doesn't mean I'm bad). Even if I've been a member for a long time, it's my first time posting something so I wanted to present myself a bit.


If you want to talk to me in game, don't hesitate to add me on steam. :^_^:


I'm 19 years old, my mother tongue is French but I speak english since I'm 3 years old, I also speak Italian. I'm blonde with blue eyes, oh, and btw, I'm a man if you haven't understand that by now.


I'll just finish this topic with some pics of me and I hope we'll all get along well. Peace.



(I'm the one on the left btw)



(Still the one on the left)



(I guess you know where I am now)

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