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rita's KZ Climb Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): 22222222

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:502721581


Admin that banned you: N/A

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): server ban? global? not sure


Why should you be unbanned?

hi gflclan admins

i'm rita and played on the kz climb server for a 2-3 month period in late 2020. it's been so long i dont remember the exact circumstances, nor do i remember who exactly banned me. i was banned for using / testing hacks on the server, as at the time i was involved in the csgo 'cheating scene' and was being paid to experiment with tickbase manipulation exploits in community servers. after eventually a falling out with various people from that space, i left games altogether for about a year (21-22) and recently (this last week) have just started playing csgo again before wanting to kz and realizing the mistakes from them caught up to me. i dont cheat anymore, i dont have any relations to people who do, and i only wanna kz..
i have dms with infra & sneaky weazel who are hopefully reading this, which date back to around the time i played the most

the issue at the moment is sourcebans.gflclan.com doesnt have anything about my ban or list me as banned either, however when trying to join the climb kz server in game i'm met with the banned message.


rita reformation 2020-2023 god lovely magical arc 


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This is a global ban, which means you're banned permanently from all global KZ servers. You will need to appeal your ban with the KZ Global Team if you want to be unbanned: https://forum.gokz.org/p/player-rules


If they accept your appeal, feel free to appeal here again and we will unban you.


Discord: Infra#0001 | Steam: /id/infra- | GitHub: /1zc

Ex-Gamer for Life




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