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Where have i been?

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I'm not good at writing a letter or this much but here is a small message for you guys, especially TTT Rotation.


I've been gone for awhile now, since last summer. Although, I rarely hopped into server slightly from my free time.  But the problem is that I can't find myself some interested anymore, all the memories back then, the joy and stuff weren't there for long... and looking at the server right now, it's just not that big as it used to be, I guess school really messing me up these days, missed out all of fun i think, but hey, I'm in my most fav university now, It's absolutely great, even though I'm still getting things perfectly well at this moment. It's quite tought irl. But that thing said, I'll leave GFL community for good (and resign also), and a goodbye to Rotation. It's been good times with you guys in TTT Rotation, I got alot of fun and many great memories in there, and also find myself to improve my language speaking as well (I'm a foreign learner btw). Some of you may be gone or don't recognize me but I still remember y'all, remember you guys for those who helping me through all stuff back then. I won't forget that day, the day that I started to join the server back 3 years ago. It was best time of all. Like I said, thanks for the good old memories that I spent with in this community. Hopes the server will rise up alot or maybe the comeback of Rotation. Who knows.


Don't know me? I'm "Meowww:3", the young kid in the server ( aka, YoungJhayMoon ~ said by the guy who thinks I sound like him back then).


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