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Posted  Edited by Trap Babe - Edit Reason: Add video link; Instructions for others on the bottom

[DD/MM/YYYY] is how to read the edit dates


[8/18/2023] Edit: I am scraping everything on the Github project and will be releasing something similar to what was written on the batch script. As of now, you can just follow the wget commands as they still work. Once I have it ready you can use the downloader binary. I seem to be getting faster times on it than using wget + lbzip2/pbzip2/bzip2 combo.


You can delete the thread if it violates any rules 🙂


I just made a map downloader for people to just download the maps/resource/sound/etc folders on the fastdl cstrike folder. It uses


Github: https://github.com/ovY9jkhTEUpllGPJRrKU/CSS-GFL-ZE-Downloader/


You can download it on the right side "Releases". To run it, just double-click css_gfl_ze_dl.bat and then choose your options. Also, if you choose option 2-6, make sure you extract/delete the .bzip2 afterward. 🙂


Edit: I uploaded a video on Odysee for people to see a demo of the script








*Looks like there may be inconsistency with file downloading on wget2. I will look into updating my script. Some files don't download correctly. For a more consistent (but slower) download method, check out **wget (predecessor of wget2). Here are the wget commands:

**The wget binary website was pulled from: https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/ FAQ link -> Windows Binaries. I trust that it is safe.


wget -r -np -H -A ze_* -R index.html* https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/maps/
wget -r -np -H -R index.html* https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/materials/
wget -r -np -H -R index.html* https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/models/
wget -r -np -H -R index.html* https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/resource/
wget -r -np -H -R index.html* https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/sound/


*How to download fastdl folders (the more effective way)



Note: Please don't run these commands freely if you don't want to risk deleting your files. If you follow my instructions (unless you know what you're doing), you should not run into any problems accidentally deleting your other .bz2 files.


Commands are pasted for those who may know what they're doing:

# Download maps folder
wget2 -r -H --accept=*maps/ze_* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/maps/
# Download materials folder
wget2 -r -H --accept=*materials* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/materials/
# Download models folder
wget2 -r -H --accept=*models* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/models/
# Download resource folder
wget2 -r -H --accept=*resource* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/resource/
# Download sound folder
wget2 -r -H --accept=*sound* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/sound/

# Extract .bz2 files
for /r /d %i in (*) do del "%i\*.bz2"

# Delete .bz2 files
for /r %i in (*) do echo Y|7za x "%i" -o"%~dpi"


1. Download wget2 (Windows executable: wget2.zip) and 7-zip (7-Zip Extra: standalone console version, 7z DLL, Plugin for Far Manager) executable

2. Create a folder called "PATH" (or whatever you like) inside of your C directory





3 (a). Drag and drop wget2.exe and 7za.exe into your PATH folder like so (ignore ffmpeg and yt-dlp):





3 (b). Go to Windows Settings > System > About > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables... > Click 'Path' on User variable > Edit... > New > Type C:\PATH (or wherever your directory is located)

3 (c). Click OK on everything









4. Create a folder in your Desktop and name it whatever you like. We will download all our fastdl files into here:



5. Open your folder > Click the directory path > Type "cmd" > Press Enter





6. Enter any of these commands to download the folders you like (read the last name of the commands since they downloads the maps/materials/models/resource/sound folder):

wget2 -r -H --accept=*maps/ze_* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/maps/
wget2 -r -H --accept=*materials* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/materials/
wget2 -r -H --accept=*models* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/models/
wget2 -r -H --accept=*resource* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/resource/
wget2 -r -H --accept=*sound* --filter-urls https://fastdl.gflclan.com/cstrike/sound/







Once it's done downloading, run this command to extract/decode the bz2 files:

for /r %i in (*) do echo Y|7za x "%i" -o"%~dpi"

Some files may not be extractable (which is fine since it's not a .bz2 file anyway)






7. Delete all the bz2 files in the directories

for /r /d %i in (*) do del "%i\*.bz2"







8. Most of your files are in the fastdlv2.gflclan.com folder, but it can also be in the fastdl.gflclan.com (Check the files to make sure). Take your folder(s) (ex: materials/models/etc) and drop it into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\download





Edited by Trap Babe
Add video link; Instructions for others on the bottom

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