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The Letter M

The Letter M's Mute/Ban Appeal for ImperialRP

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My in-game name: The CT PFC 0913 M

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:444501483

Reason: Failrp w/ nitrp 3rd offence

Admin: TheRealJokester

Why this should be revoked:

My actions nearly two and a half years ago were unjustifiable and distasteful towards the server,


I am truly sorry towards anyone that I may have ruin they're star wars roleplaying experience,


Since that nearly two and a half years absence I have changed as a person and still reflect on my action to this day,


Star wars roleplay had left such a positive impact on me and showed me that this community has a incredible wholesome atmosphere to the point were I want to get second chance,



My time on star wars roleplay was limited but the memories and experiences to me gave me a sense of honesty,


Everything I wanted to state has been stated thank you for hearing me out and have a good day.


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