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Half-Tone's Hightower Player Report

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Player Name bbk

Player Steam ID [U:1:1302247526]


Your Name Half-Tone

Your Steam ID [U:1:255164701]


Tell us what happen 

both me and him were playing scout. i saw that he was using silent aim. I did not call him out and he left soon after.


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 



clip is played back at 0.25x speed.


shows a clear silent aimbot flick.

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Posted  Edited by Dragoon

I apologize for the late response. This evidence isn't enough to determine whether the user was cheating or not on its own. However, their VAC ban and their bans in other communities, as well as the slight suspiciousness they displayed in the footage, are significant enough for us to keep an eye out for any future player reports involving them, whether they be here on the forums or through an in-game report. 


Would you happen to have any further recordings of their playstyle? I'll keep this open for a few days and close it if there's no response by, let's say, next Monday.

Edited by Dragoon


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