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Saidai's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Saidai


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561198158390160


Banned by: Kettermelon


Ban Reason: Assisting in Evasion


Why should you be unbanned

For one, it's been roughly a year since my ban was issued, which I think is more than a reasonable sentence to have served (for my own sanity included). Two, I feel that a permanent ban was an unreasonable punishment in the first place given my transgressions, seeing as what I did effectively boils down to micspam at the end of the day. I was the only person in control of my keyboard, and the two idiots on my mic were only using my microphone to talk.

I simply just think it's a bit odd that you can say the Hard R on the mic and only get a permamute, while I receive a permaban for letting two banned idiots talk on the mic (of which neither of them really said anything THAT terrible).

Alongside that, I only had two other infractions on my account at the time, of which was a 15 minute mute and a single karma ban. (The other karma ban on record was a fault of one of the weapons and was successfully appealed given an explanation.)


I digress.

Regardless, I give with my utmost sincerity that I won't do it again.

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