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[CS2 ZE] Increase knockback on certain weapons

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Certain weapons in ZE are absolutely worthless. Normally people just get bizon/p50/negev. I think it would be a lot more fun, if certain guns had their knockback increased so they become viable, i.e.:

  • AWP - If you hit a headshot, the zombie should be sent flying.
  • Knife - On a backstab, zombie should be sent flying. At the moment, knifes don't cause any knockback at all. Though it might encourage some people to boost zombies to end locations in the map, so would need to be toggled on a per-map basis.
  • All shotguns - To at least make them viable for holding certain positions in maps, or against individual zombies on ledges.


This would make the game dynamics more interesting for players that can play these guns quite well. At the moment, it's mostly just "crouch, hold left click, and spray".

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