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Merry Christmas to all.

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I am Dead. Some may know me, most may not, I'm a member of Gfl and I'd like to wish you all a Merry Chrysler, a happy Allah Akbar, and my gift to you all is a Speech of sorts. "I've been a member of Gfl for a very long time, longer then some, less than others, but What I am about to say is all true meaning no bullshit, no sympathy, no nuttin. I don't play Csgo, but I play G-mod I play on the murder servers. My favorite one Is the Minecraft city map version 2, there are many people on there and if you were to get on this server I am speaking of you'd notice that people have fun on their, sure maybe not as much as other servers, but to the regulars on that server such as I it feels like Cumming for the first time, every time we(I) play I feel like a whole new person. Like a God of sorts, because if you didn't know I'm fairly well at "juking" in the real world, I'm not much, but that server gives me so much joy and laughter I want to share it with others, and if you ask some members/admins/normal players Like: Tay, Kitty, Winter, Teddy, DeadSoul, Soviet, Wszumi, Wheatly, Exotic, Shia, Ticci, Blade, Ect. That I tend to have "too much" of this joy, and it can get annoying sometimes I admit, but I love these guys, and the servers because I get to talk to people like none other, and I like to call these people my friends, some of us may get in fights but I consider anyone whos ever been on those servers my friend. But this "Joy" I speak of is just a word, you can describe it but describing does nothing for this. You have to feel it to feel passionate about whatever it is you are passionate about, no matter if its art, games, cooking, texting, talking, photography, anything. You, and only you know how it feels inside, so I ask you, all of you reading this, I want to tell  someone...Anyone you know to have a Happy Holiday. It's not much to ask for, but if you do this I will be grateful to you for eternities to come, just for a few words, and I know gratitude isn't much to go on, but it gives people hope. Hope is what keeps us all together, it's what makes bonds, and families. So to all of GFL, from the top notch Founder, to the advisors, to the Tech team, to the Division leaders, to the Managers, to the Admins, to the VIP's, to the Members, and the Players/users I wish you all a Merry Merry  Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and Happy Cuanza. Please, all stay safe, may the Games be with you.

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That is not hard to read at all!

Merry Christmas bb

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Just now, Lemon said:

I'm disappointed that I didn't see my name in the  members/admins/normal players  section of your speech. I play Murder a lot...

I'm just kidding! xD... Happy Holidays, DeadAtNoon!

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