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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Great Game or Greatest Game?

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So if you don't know me, I'm pretty much the Pokemon guy. Just one look at my Steam profile and that'll be pretty obvious. Been playing every single generation of Pokemon since the beginning. And if you're wondering, Gen 3 is my favorite.


Recently Pokemon Sun and Moon came out and I've been playing them to no end (just as my girlfriend xD). The games are great without a doubt. They just be great enough to be the best games in the series. New features in the games really improve upon problems in the past. For example, Z moves give more Pokemon the capability to have more use competitively. (Except now Rayquaza can both mega evolve and use a Z move in the same battle) And Pokeride has made it so that we no longer have to carry HM slaves around or ruin our team's movesets just to use freaking cut -__-


I don't know about you guys, but with things like the characters in the game (Lillie, Gladion, Hau, ect) and new pokemon, I think Sun and Moon are some of the best if not the best games in the series. What do you guys think?







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I personally haven't played sun nor moon but I have hear amazing things. I have played a lot of other Pokémon games like x, y, omega ruby and alpha sapphire. The screenshots/videos of the game make me want to get another 3ds (I sold my other one) and get the games!

lil skits ::D:

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