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Hey, there. Just joined the forums after spending a while on the CS:S ZE server. Been playing Source since around 2010, started playing Global Offensive for a while when that came out too. I achieved Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) on CS:GO before deciding that I was sick of the game and then eventually moved back to Source after having a break from any Counter Strike game. I've always been a fan of zombie themed game modes on CS:S and I've been a part of the GFL ZE server for a long time (under a lot of different aliases though). 


I decided to come to the forum to get closer with the community and also have some fun I guess. I hope to see a lot of you around on the server(s) I play on! :)

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Welcome to the GFL forums, @Beluga!


It is a pleasure to have you with us!


If you have any questions at all about the forums or something else at GFL, please feel free to message me ;)




Side note: It's good to have another Source player on the forums! You can find me on CS:S Surf RPG DM and CS:S Zombie Mod, and eventually on CS:S Dust2 ;)

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Hey @Beluga,

                         Glad to see you made the right choice and joined GFL, have a nice stay =].


Best Regards,



Admin for CS:GO Jailbreak.

Member Acceptor for the GFL Community.

Teamspeak Global Admin.

Graphic Designer for the GFL Community.

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