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Hey the names Vinnie, im new to your servers. particularlly your Zombie survival server for GMOD. Im part of a another community allready. We just got a TTT server so i bought Gmod. I was looking through the game modes and saw zombie survival and i ended up clicking your server as my first choice. I really like it. Ive been playing the last 4 or 5 days on it. I figured id register a forum account to get to know people a little bit since i plan on sticking around for awhile.  Im not very good yet. Ive been watching youtube videos on cadeing that have helped alot. Im hoping to learn from some of the veteran players here.


A little about me personally. Im 30 and i work at a comic book distribution center. We have the sole rights to ship marvel and d.c. comics. I do all the combines and special orders and check the pickers paper work to make sure they are doing it correctly and that we dont have any miss highlights on the pick order. I have a girlfriend that i love very much. we've been dating a year now come jan 18th. I love horror movies and just in general im your every day geeky guy. 


On a quick side note for my gaming history, ive been playing source games since cs 1.6 i really prefer the versatility and the community created content that the half life series has generated with mods and modes. 

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