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Swishizzo Art Request

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Posted  Edited by Swishizzo

Type:  Icon (Forum Picture) Signature (forum signature)


Size:  Whatever size is best for the forums




Text: Swishizzo


Other preferences / specifications:  I would like to use the above image to create something hopefully closely related to it. I want to keep it black and white. Other than that could you use your creative skills to make something amazing. Could I also have the signature and Icon closely related to each other just to add a little flow.


Requester(s):  Anyone can fulfill this if you think that you can make something like that

Edited by Swishizzo

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1 minute ago, PolarBearInASnowStorm said:

There is no image, in this post. Especially not "Above." Please post it to ensure the team member who handles your request is able to give you what you want.

my bad just fixed it

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