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Dust2 FFA DeathMatch 24/7 MOTD

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General Rules

These are rules that applies to all GFL servers. Punishments and actions taken depend on the severity of the offense.

    1. The Admin's word is FINAL. If an Admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the MOTD. It has to be something reasonable, an admin cannot say something like "Do not jump!" and punish for it.

    2. Please respect all players and Admins. Failure to do so may result in a mute/gag (whichever is applicable).
    3. No hacks and/or bhop scripts of any kind. This includes auto-hotkeys (macros) and hyperscrolling (not quite a 'hack', but still not allowed).
    4. No mic spamming, excessive yelling, hldj, or any type of audio players. English only on the mics.
    5. No chat spamming, or all caps rage moments. This may result in a gag.
    6. Stay out of an Admin's business with another player. For example: If a player was muted, do not bother the Admin with "Why did you do that?" or "Abuse, abuse" in a trolling manner. This may result in a gag/mute (whichever is applicable). If the admin is abusing his/her powers you can report them with VALID proof on our Website.
    7. No advertising. Do not recruit for your community/clan, nor advertise your youtube, website, etc. This may result in a gag/mute/silence/ban (whichever is applicable).
    8. No kids on mics. What constitutes as a "kid" is up to admins on the server and is likely based on voice pitch and how much they talk. If you have a high voice, talk less to avoid annoying other players and being muted.
    9. Listen to Admins (they have final say).
    10. Do not threaten to (D)DoS or DOX, it is taken seriously in GFL. This may result in a silence/ban (whichever is applicable).
    11. Do not try to crash/lag the server. This may result in a ban.
    12. Do not impersonate players (particularly Admins).
    13. Do not backseat Admins. Do not tell an Admin what to do in a situation, they are trained to deal with it themselves. Helping them always appreciated, but do not backseat or impersonate them. As an example: If you are a player do not write ./warn <Player> <Reason>. This may result in a mute/gag (whichever is applicable).
    14. Do not argue with Admins. If you have been punished, you may ask why, but you should not argue about it. Explaining to another Admin why you have been punished in order to ask them whether or not the punishment was justified is okay, but do not lie, the Admins will talk about it themselves and consider whether or not it is justified. This may result in a mute/gag (whichever is applicable).
    15. Do not avoid punishment in any way. Avoiding a ban will result in a permanent ban for both accounts. Avoiding a mute/gag/silence will result in a permanent silence for the account that is used to avoid. Avoiding a mute/gag/silence by using the admin chat etc. may result in a warning, kick or ban (whichever is applicable).


Server Perks

We rely on the donation. Please help us donate. With those two packages, you will get on every GFL CS:GO servers, including this one:



  • Access to !tags and !settag where they may customize and personalize their chat tags

  • A reserved spot (when server is full)

  • Unique [Supporter] tag


  • Access to !tags and !settag where they may customize and personalize their chat tags

  • A reserved spot (when server is full)

  • Custom your own chat tags

MOTD will be updated and edited from time to time, as the old thread is now gone.





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