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Best Video Someone Has Shown You?

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What's a video someone has shown you that has either made you laugh, cry, angry, etc.



About a year ago now a friend showed me the video down below and with my child like mind it made me laugh till I was crying. Most people I have shown this to have just looked at me like I was a monkey sitting in my seat laughing/crying from this.....One may have called other friends over to calm me down. xD



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My friend showed me this video last year. At first glance, I thought it was just some other youtube video, but I was wrong. I immediately have a bad feeling when I saw the thumbnail. I can feel the adrenaline rushing down my spine as my shaky finger clicked the play button...


10 seconds into the video I began to question my own decision and what I had done to drag myself into such mess. After the video ended I was asked for a reaction to describe what I watch. So I gave the most appropriate reply with the most blank expression: "what in the actual fuck did I just watched?"


Later I did some research on the video and the band, it turns out the this is a music video that suppose to promote the japanese culture. The video is created by a former music group called Ladybaby, Ladybaby is famous for one thing, it's the male Australian wrestler known as LadyBeard. 


Recently the music group broke in the August of 2016.




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