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iScream's Art Request

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Type: Steam profile picture.

Size:  Enough for a steam profile picture

Image(s):  http://murderseries.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Masks

Text (optional):  Bottom center "iScream" with thin graffiti letters

Other preferences / specifications:

  1. Black background
  2. "iScream" in graffiti letters
  3. Make the graffiti letters red with a black outline
  4. Keep the same colors in the actual character


Thank you 


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Posted  Edited by Bae

@OutOfIdeas and @LegendaryFluff

I'm happy that you guys want to help us, but you guys can't read either. This is his first request for this month. The request he made previously was for last month. So in any case, he can request again. No one did his request for an entire month last month, so I took it this month, but technically it was a month old request.

Oh and it depends on the team, if I want to work on it, I'll do it. Yes we have rules to follow but for the time being, the team and I will finish whatever possible, because it's undetermined if we are still going to follow those rules as of yet.


I will be taking this request again.

Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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