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Strangest finds on the internet

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I think the title is self-explanatory, and there's probably a very similar thread to this, but what is the strangest or most unique thing that's caught your eye? I know there's a paste bin one out there, so I decided to start this.


Here's my 2 cents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5GgNlMYxtw


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Sorry people.



Wouldn't watch this at night. (This video came out in 2009, with the first episodes coming out years before, whenever flash animation became a thing. David Firth, some british guy, has a thing for horror and made this. He made a bunch others, check out his channel. Enjoy.) That's what I would call, maybe scariest.

As far as being the weirdest/creepiest vid, here you go: 


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JerryBomb.png.e376b34f3abbf909e911ca905e69e9b5.png.148c6b4cfc47ce26dbdfacd59a6ef633.pngCreative Team of GFL.

That's it.

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