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Greetings interdimensional players!

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Welcome all! I am a Magikal Horse, hailing from a completely different dimension to play TTT. You might think I'm crazy (and you're probably right. Then again, all the best magi are), but I'm entirely serious here. Of course it's a little tricky to explain dimensional theories to a dimension that itself hasn't discovered other dimensions themselves, but to put it in layman's terms, I come from a world where horses evolved instead of apes. Not too difficult when I put it like that, really.


Anyways, a few things to know about me:

  • No, I am not a unicorn, thank you very much.
  • No, my mother wasn't a unicorn either.
  • Or my father.
  • Or anyone in my family.
  • Yes, unicorns exist.
  • So do winged horses similar to your mythological Pegasus.
  • No, unicorns aren't the only species to know magik.
  • Unicorns usually just stick to healing magik anyways, so they're not even that interesting.
  • Winged Mages are incredibly rare, outside of the common ability to fly (which is supported by an ancient and primal magik).
  • No, not every horse can use magik. Every horse has magik, but tapping into it is another thing entirely.
  • I know plenty of magick myself, but I'm not skilled enough to do anything complicated.
  • I'm pretty knowledgeable on Magik though, to the point of studying Magikal Theory.
  • No, I'm not gonna explain Magikal Theory. You don't have words for most of the things I'd be referring to, since your dimension lacks magik.
  • No, I'm not misspelling "magik". It's just how it translates.
  • Yes, I speak in whinnies, neighs, and other "horse noises". What you hear from my microphone is run through a magickal translator built into the headset.
  • No, I can't disable the translator. Trust me, I've tried. Broke a really nice headset doing it too.
  • No, I am not a pony. I do watch My Little Pony, so I at least get where this mistake is coming from, but that doesn't make it right.
  • No, we do not wear clothes unless absolutely needed for something. It's too difficult to take off and on for the non-magikal horses of the world, especially without assistance.
  • This means no saddles, and definitely no riding.
  • My connection is run between both dimensions, connecting from our magikal networks to your electronic "Internet" through a dimensional rift buried somewhere deep in a place called "Ohio".
  • Being a social shut-in from another dimension, I really don't get cultural references very well.  Don't be offended if I miss an "obvious" reference, especially if it's from your world. I'm probably not in on the joke.
  • I work the night shift for Amazon, a large shipping company similar to your world's Amazon.com. I pull large carts in the yard there, when I'm not sorting through inventory.
  • I have 3 cats: Midnight, Tikvah, and Missy. "Tikvah" is an old name from our dimension that doesn't translate properly into your English, but seems to translate from Hebrew instead, although "Hope" is close.
  • Tikvah's name is fitting, given that we saved her from starvation, tapeworms, fleas, and several infections when we found her on our doorstep at the age of 4 weeks. Her tail is impossible to fix, however, giving her a distinctive "kinky tail" where it's broken near the base.
  • I am incredibly terrible at knowing when to stop talking, but I guess you've figured that out by now if you've read all this.


If you've got anything to ask me, go right ahead. I'll explain all that I reasonably can when I wake.

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The horse will never reply as the horse is a stupud majik hrse 


(Yes i purposely did that)

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I was simply asleep. I work the graveyard shift, so I sleep during most of the day and wake up during the night. I'm basically nocturnal.


Interestingly enough, time from my dimension matches up nearly exactly with time in Ohio. It's been theorized that the similarity in time is why the rift is in Ohio specifically, or at least at that longitude.

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