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Welcome back

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After making an UGLY decision that I should leave GFL because I didn't like the manager over at Garry's Mod Zombie Survival.


After awhile, I'm coming back to GFL because I have plans to join other GFL servers such as CS:GO, CSS and other GMOD servers to go with.


I'm been with GFL for one year as well and I have to say, I'm might be happy with other servers as well to see if their perferomce is great or not.


Well, I'm back to GFL.


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Welcome back Firestorm, gmod zs has a new manager now, and it's ghosty @OHfficial

Most of our Gmod servers went byebye, but the only gmod server that I find that fit your kind of gameplay is darkrp... I can't see you playing TTT at all, i just can't.



credits to @Clavers

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