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I understand that there are those who are fairly busy with other forum related additions, but I wanted to request something that I wish to be implemented related directly to the GFX team. To make requests easier, I wanted a form (similar to an application) that a requester would fill out with the description, images that want used, etc. with a drop down menu of anyone with the GFX rank (not added yet) so they can pick who they want to complete the request easier. Server Managers+ will get a hidden checkbox asking for whether or not the feature is for a server. If it is, it will be tagged as "High Priority." The person will complete the request and the topic will be moved into a "Completed" subforum either automatically somehow or by the GFX member. 


I do not know how hard or possible this would be to implement, but personally, it would make our job much easier in terms of completing requests.

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