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Jailbreak Ban Times

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Length of Ban

Special notes

Anybody with 5 bans is a PERMA ban! (Please note that this means bans on Jailbreak and Jailbreak only)

Make sure you acquire proof for ALL Perma bans!

If a player has 6 warnings on the server it is a 1-day ban.  Let the player know BEFORE they are banned



Warn+Strip/Slay(Both)+guard switch/ban > Kick > Ban

Ban for 1 day, double if player leaves


Mass RDM

Strip/Slay(Both)+ Ban

Ban for 1 week, double if player leaves


Mic Spamming/Chat Spamming

Mute/Gag for one round > Mute/Gag for rest of map > Kick > Ban

Ban for 6-12 hours depending on the severity


Turning on Friendly Fire without specific day/ Spamming cell doors/ Randomly Opening cell doors/ Free shooting/ T-Baiting

Verbal Warning > Warn > Strip/Slay (Both)+ Switch > Kick > Ban

Ban for 12 hours, double if player leaves


Armory Camping/Camping in general (Warday is not affected by this until there is one guard left)

Same punishments as the offense above

Ban for 12 hours, double if player leaves


Guards Breaking Vents

Warn + Strip/Slay(Both) > Switch to prisoners (Let them know not to join guard team for at least 2-3 rounds) > Switch to Prisoners (Rest of map) > Kick > Ban

Ban for 12 hours, double if player leaves


Prop Abuse

Warn > Kick > Ban

Ban for 12 hours, double if player leaves

Won't happen too often, but always good to be prepared :)

Hacking (in any way)

Automatic Permanent ban.  


Please get proof of this ban (i.e Screenshots or Recordings)


Gun testing as non-warden

Verbal warning > Strip/Slay + Switch to prisoner (2-3 rounds of not being on guard team) > Strip/Slay + Switch to prisoner (Rest of map) > Kick > Ban

Ban for 12 hours, double if player leaves


Committing suicide as guard

Verbal warning + Switch (2-3 rounds of no guard) > Warn + Switch(Rest of map) > Kick > Ban

Ban for 6 hours, double if player leaves



Verbal warning (tell them to change name) > Kick (If they change their name to impersonate another player or if they don't change their name) > Ban

Ban for 1-day, double if player leaves




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