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CS:GO Weapon Mythbusters.

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How much bullets/damage can each weapon deal in 1 min out of all three popular weapons for ze? P90 v Bizon v Negev.
1 bullet = 1 hp.


P90: 50 bullets, 857 RPM, 3.3s reload time, 230 speed
857 RPM/60 = 14.2833 RPS
50 R/ 14.2833 = 3.5s to unload clip + 3.3 reload time = 6.8s (unload and reload)
Unload to unload and reload ratio (this value deterimines the percentile of unload reload time it takes to unload a clip): 3.5/6.8 = .514 
60s/6.8s = 8.82
0.82 > 0.514, the player is in a reloading meaning 9 clips were unloaded in the process
9x50 = 450 bullets


Bizon: 64 bullets, 750 RPM, 2.4s reload time, 240 speed
750 RPM/60 = 12.5 RPS
64 R/12.5 = 5.12s unload + 2.4s = 7.52s unload and reload
Unload to unload reload ratio: 5.12/7.52 = .68
60s/7.52s = 7.97
.97 > .68, player used their 8th clip
8x64 = 512 bullets.


Negev: 150 bullets, 1000 RPM, 5.7s reload time, 195 speed
1000RPM/60 = 16.67 RPS
150 R/16.67 = 9s unload + 5.7s = 14.7s unload and reload
Unload to unload reload ratio: 9/14.7 = .61
60s/14.7 = 4.08
.08 < .61, the player was on its 5th clip.
To find that, we got to find out how many bullets were used in the 5th clip.
Find the percentile of how much the clip was used: .08 / .61 = .133
150*.133 = 20 bullets
4x150 + 20 = 620 bullets


Conclusion: The P90 is absolutely useless against bosses (unless there's an inf ammo item/trigger in the map) for both the fact that it doesn't use as much bullets compared to the bizon as well as the bizon's mobility advantage. At least the negev deals more than the bizon.


I may explain what unload to unload reload ratio is sooner.

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I remember Whodie got really angry and set out to prove it to someone. Needless to say, he came to this conclusion as well. As I mentioned to Kim before, the updated MOTD should be changed to recommend Bizon for most bosses.

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On 6/29/2016 at 8:48 AM, Cliche said:

Negev for bosses, Bizon for running through the map. That's what I always do.

Mainly depends on the boss here is why:


There are two types of bosses, stationary and moving. There are two types of attacks, lethal and non lethal. Moving bosses can either move fast or slow.


The negev can be used on the following

  • Static or slow moving boss with a no attack that can greatly push a ct off the arena that isn't so hard to dodge (e.g. convoy, portal story).

The bizon can be used  on the following

  • Any fast moving boss (e.g. predator and westersand)
  • Any boss with an attack that can push a ct off (e.g. TESV Final Dragon)
  • Laser mini bosses (which require that mobility advantage)

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