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CS:GO Release Notes Topic

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Posted  Edited by DarkCore

The latest updates from Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been announced and are as follows:


– Adjustments to Weapons Expert:
— Best out of 20 rounds.
— Auto-snipers are prohibited.
— Loser cash award has increased.

[ GOTV ]
– Fixed excessive memory usage on dedicated servers that were not running TV1.
– Fixed a bug in recording free camera movements from alternative interactive caster with cameraman override.
– GOTV+ broadcasts can now support Content-Encoding: gzip header, which reduces required bandwidth for viewers by around 50%.


Credits goes to: http://www.blog.counter-strike.net/


P.S.:This topic will be updated/edited when Counter Strike team announce new releases or updates Acording Global Offensive Edition.

Edited by DarkCore

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