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New Weapons Megathread (Please Add Suggestions)

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Posted  Edited by Sammy - Edit Reason: CW 2.0 Suggestion

Guns Guns Guns. What Mobile Task Force Member doesn't enjoy em? Since the server is using CSS weapons, at the very least Xy could add the rest of them.

How could they be implemented? Test them in Deathmatch to make sure they work, then implement them.

-Glock 18


-Dual Berrettas

-Mac10 (i've seen it in DM but never saw it in Site 19)

-Benelli M3

-IMI Galil


-SG552 Commando





-(the legendary)AWP

-Frag Grenade



CSS Weapons are something at the very least. Lets start talking about custom weapons.

I have no idea if M9K or TFA works with Breach. If they don't tell me in the comments.

-TFA CS:GO Weapons






-M9K (no shit)






-MW2 and MW1 and MWR on TFA Base






-Many people were saying CW2.0 works with TTT (same or similar base to Breach) so lets get some suggestions.


 -Black Ops 3 CW 2.0 Weapons (Acquired by 914 Upgrading) [YES THEY REQUIRE THE 2ND LINK]






-Sci Fi Weapons(Acquired by 914, requires nothing)



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CW 2.0 Suggestion

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No, no m9k weapons. You can';t adjust their damage, and when you try to use it in breach, they tear apart SCPs like a hot knifw through butter, forcing their health to be buffed up a thousand times.


Its much better to use normal base custom weapons.

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21 hours ago, Sammy said:

Would the rest of the CSS weapons be normal base weapons?



Yes, but i dont think theres much point in having guns that do the same role. I would be fine with a sniper rifle like  the scout or awp(provided its not a 1 shot kill), but only one. No point in having a 'semi-auto sniper rifle, or 2 bolt action sniper rifles'.

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