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What is your life story that makes you who you are?

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Since I don't see a thread like this... you all know the drill and I post random and yet serious threads here.


What is your life story that makes you who you are?


As usual, I will start first:


I was born in a middle class family some where not in U.S, my father can't understand english and can't mentally fit in so he moved back to where I came from (not telling cuz I never told anyone other than specific people here).


Now with one less person to support the family, my mom thought it would be a good idea to move in with her brother's family. At first my father strongly disagree with this idea and I thought nothing of it "What could possibly go wrong?", this is where I realized that I was wrong, as it turns out that my uncle's family is ruled by the style of dictatorship, everything was one-sided view and he is always right. I hated this man, his family, and their biased view on different matters, they don't care about other people's opinions, not to mention they are violent as f**k. I couldn't stand them at all, and I knew my family would be too pussy to fight them back because they pose as another support to my family.


I was told to bear with it, but I just can't, I tried to fight back with logic. fairness, and unbiased point of view from other people, which none of these worked.


As years past by, those years with my uncle and his family has permanently scarred into my memory, anytime I did something, it will always have a correlation to my past encounters which will always darken my  mood and often influence me to do something violent which I always prevented myself from doing so. 



Last summer, they finally decided to move out because they can't stand my threatening and rebellious attitude toward them. This is where I realize what my father meant by not to live with another family even though it was once your family. Due to gaps in cultural differences, relationships have been ruined and I am stuck in the past while trying to hold back my angering grudge from physically hurting the innocents.


I have came to realize that being extremely biased while being a dick with arrogance can ruin someone's life so I came to the conclusion to not be a dick and help out as much as I can while keeping everyone happy.


This is why I joined the GFL community, not only it gave me a server to practice before doing a competitive match on CS:GO. it also showed me a community which I am ready to dedicate myself to help out fellow players in need without being a dick with "I am always right" attitude toward them.

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I'll read everyone else afterwards.


I was a smart person, never in trouble and was always caring/friendly towards others. Until one day, my older brother introduced me to ONLINE. I was playing this game called MapleStory when it was first released to North America under the name MapleGlobal; it originated from Korea, under the name MapleSea. I started playing the game, my grades dropped and I started to became a rebel. I lied my way out and got grounded. After a long while playing MapleGlobal and spending tons of money to make myself look gorgeous, I eventually got grounded from playing the game. In school, I started to become shy or reserved. I was afraid of people, I did not know what they'll think of me for being a gamer or a person who plays games all day and don't go out into the sunlight. I only made few friends, but that's when things started to erupt or changed. I started getting bullied in 6th grade. People started calling me a lesbian (I was at that time), and steal my money from my backpack, and all sorts of things. I did report it to the teacher, but... the teacher cannot do anything without proof. So she had someone watch me. One day, she finally caught the bully. But the Bully started sending a bunch of people to attack me. I wasn't like literally beat up or anything, because I had friends that protected me. And these friends don't like when their friends are being hurt. There's like a boundary between them and I. They snipped my hair and I told them that I will have someone beat them up. I got sent to the Principal's Office and well, I didn't get entirely in trouble but I was pissed off. I held it in for an entire school year, I tried my best to be nice and ignore. But people were stupid and won't listen to me at all. So eventually, I started to get even more scared of people, I lost a lot of my friends and friends that I thought were my friends. They watched me get bullied. Around that time, I joined Steam, I didn't create my account until half a year later. I was playing on my Sister-In-Law's account for the most part. At that time, I was introduced to Quick-Gaming (Denros know this community). Quick-Gaming was a counter-strike 1.6 gaming community that had tons of amazing servers, from Zombie Survival (No... its nothing like GMOD ZS except more like CS:GO ZM), Zombie Infection (This is like L4d2 in a way), jailbreak, deathrun,...etc. But the owner retired, so the community shut down. Then I went to ZombiesOnWeed (ZoW) which eventually another community copied as named ZombiesOnDrugs (ZoD). But let's go back to ZoW, I like their knife servers that's pretty much it. I don't really remember much about ZoW; since this was like 2009 kind of year. I only recall that, the people there was amazing to play with. Oh... wait... Zod is still an active community... UHHHH....... I am totally not advertising. ZoW shut down because the owner retired. I, then went to MysticDeath community; for the knife arena server ONCE again. Tons of people hated me on that server, they always wanted to voteban me, and when a head admin came on, they cancel the vote but bans the player that made the vote. Most of the voteban reason was because I was popular and I get more attention than they do. Except most of the attention I get from others were literally all female, and its other female players that hates me. I mean, there were male players on and friends too, but they weren't as bother as what's going on. They were more focus on the game itself than caring what's the drama between the girls. But MysticDeath also shut down because the two owners retired. Then I went to Velocity (This is an active clan, but they don't have no fucking server... they used to), it was originally a private community/clan only selective people can join. You have to be really good at KNIFING to join. Yes, another knife community server. I was invited by the co-owner at that time, but yes once again, there were tons of people that dislike me on that private clan. They always wondered how I got in and always wanted to ban me. But never had any excuse or chance to even bother banning me. But this is where things got heated. There were 5 female on this community that dislike me, they were all adults and married. I was 15 years old at that time, if I recalled correctly. They were super pissed off at the fact that most of the male players and staff, and some of the female players and staff paid more attention to me than they did on them. So, they eventually started calling me a whore and followed me to every single damn server and constantly chat spam about it. And when I talk, they talk over me. But then, that's when I quit. Because of the constant harassment and troll. They even hacked my account and got me banned, one of them confessed about it. But it literally didn't matter at that time even if I was hacked because I got grounded for buying a headset. A fucking headset = grounded. I wasn't able to play the computer for almost two years. I then joined another community called RA (That's just the abbreviation). Yes, I applied for admin as soon as I joined. Definitely power hungry then. But after a month of playing it, they all vouched me and I eventually got admin. But I didn't get promoted until 2 years later... LOL. Anyways, yes this is another Knifing community I joined. But when I got promoted, I was also admin on Main #1 & #2 (Dust) and GunGame. So it was somewhat worth it... a little.. yeah. But I eventually retired because everyone was leaving and the community right now is really bad. I mean its okay now... but it's not how it used to be. There was a girl on there that was there when it was first created. And another girl banned her for saying that she was another Staff's best friend. Basically it was jealousy. But that girl that was banned did not care and just pretty much quit the community because of this one girl. She was admin on one day, the next day she became manager. But yeah, the community there is worse than GFL. Don't... go there... it's horrible. All the fun players and staff retired and left. And then I started Gmod, I played on three different TTT gaming community servers. One is what everyone should know was GC (Abbreviated), man... that server was hella popular and packed back then. It was like about 90 something players... I don't know it was something like that... but man...their community died fast after it was gone for a long periods of time. Then I went to JC (Abbreviated) for a short awhile, then I went to P21 (they don't have a gmod servers anymore, but... that's as short as I can abbreviate... they're still active...) I started off as a trial, then to a mod, then to an admin. But I got demoted by a co-owner for the reason of "My friend wants to be admin". That's literally the reason. The thing was that, Trials cannot ban, but they can slay. Mod can ban but can only ban certain times. Admin can ban however long. So we had to let the trials and mod do their part of the role and I was on the server for 6 hours, so I told them if they need me, to contact me. So I went on GFL's TTT #1 server. I met rcool, pasquali, tom, djack, wildstark, mitch...etc. in just one day. The day after, I went back on the server, I was demoted. I went from admin to trial. I went on the forums to ask why I was demoted. The co-owner state that I was demoted because I never came onto the server for a week. A WHOLE week. But clearly, he's blind ass fuck. So then I retired, because of this shitty co-owner who doesn't know how to do his fucking job. That's when I came on GFL TTT #1 and got my admin. Then few months from that, I re-applied to P21. I told the owner what happened and I got it my admin rank back in just a few seconds. A lot of the people hated me because they were all friends of the co-owner. But I found out that he got demoted right as soon as the owner check the logs and reports that he'd received. Apparently, the previous players reported the co-owner before for targeting me and harassing me. But they didn't have enough proof then. But when the co-owner finally got demoted, they all called me a whore and telling me to stop sucking the owner's dick for admin. I still helped both their TTT and GFL's TTT, but then P21 shut down from Gmod. So then I resigned for a bit from TTT 1, literally like more than half of TTT 2 and DarkRP reign of players hated me. Yes, darkrp shut down at that time but there were tons of staff and players still active around that time. The reason why was because I needed a break from TTT 1, it was autistic. I eventually joined Purge, and got admin but I had four people put -1 because they said I had a shitty attitude, but their votes didn't count because they never played Purge. If you wondered why they'd even voted was because they were globals. They can vote on pretty much any apps, that's why globals were a stupid rank afterwards. Then I got TTT #1 admin back after getting my hours back up. Then got manager for KZ and I resigned entirely around March. That's when the rumors starts to spread fast like rockets. 




I mean, in real life... like I explained... I'm afraid of people. I can't trust anyone. I don't even know whether my own family can trust me. They literally think I'm some mental ass bitch. So, I mean, I don't know.


credits to @Clavers

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