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Hi! My name is Maury

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Most people may not know me, but there are a select few who know me from way back, including my days as FatherYogi. I honestly cannot remember when I joined GFLClan, but it was a very long time ago. Unline most other communities, GFLClan has been a place of comfort and acceptance for me. My friends here are very supportive, and I honestly love to reciprocate those feelings and share my emotions with them. I have played many games and many servers on Gmod, but the GFLClan community has always been my favorite. I have been inactive for a while, but that is due to me having become immersed in another gamemode as well as being an Admin on it. Through said server I have gained much experience and grown as a person, but I make this post for my own reasons besides introducing myself. The server I speak of is having a downfall, and I feel as if my work goes unappreciated and as if there are people there who are more capable than myself in certain zones of the staffing group. The very same server has been a lot for me, but it recently leaves a sickness of the soul, one that I can feel weighing down my heart. In saying so I have taken serious consideration of resigning from my post, as there are plenty of capable staff, or simply too many for that matter. What I am trying to say is that I would like to come back to GFLClan as a full-time member as much as possible so I can get those good feels I always have whilst playing with the friends you can only find on the GFLClan Community. Thank you.

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I'm assuming you just came back from a long period of time. GFL changed a lot, so there may be people you may or may not know. But glad to have you back, despite I don't recall who you are. I hope you enjoy your stay though, if you have any problems, just ask us on the forums, teamspeak or steam. 


What server do you play on here?


credits to @Clavers

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