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[OSRS] Reminder: Castle Wars

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Posted  Edited by Benroyjam

Castle Wars will be Free to Play this coming Thursday. So because of this, I will be posting which armour is best for F2P(I'm going to assume that you're high level and is F2P).



Wizard Hat

Amulet of Magic

Wizard Robe

Leather Chaps for Defence


Monk's Robe for Prayer



Amulet of Power

Green d'hide body

Green d'hide chaps

Green d'hide vamb

Maple Bow



God Rune Helm

God Rune Platebody

God Rune Platelegs

God Rune Kiteshield 

Fancy Boots or Fighting Boots

Amulet of Power / Amulet of Str


Ok, so there's three types of Melee: 

Stab, Slash, and Crush. I will be listing Attack bonuses and then Defence bonuses.


Amulet of Power is effective for all melee types in this bonus below, however, if you like, you can pick Strength amulet.

Attack bonuses



Either: Rune Sword or Rune Longsword


Rune 2h Sword


Hill giant club



Otherwise, this will be one of the best updates Jagex have done for this month. (Summer's best update is Inferno fight cave)


If I'm missing something else, lemme know, I'll ninjaedit.

Edited by Benroyjam





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