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I have personally got into contact with one of the Valve employees via email and I have received somewhat of a leak on when its going to come out!! I am not going to attach the email because I don't want to get in trouble so if you would like to know please message me and I will tell you and its not an exact date I was given it was an estimate just so everyone is aware. I know its not too much about knowledge to you people but it is to me and I am willing to give to you guys personally.

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7 hours ago, SwegBuster said:

Why not just tell us an estimate? Lol.


because its latest?cb=20080723092426



  1. Grab some fucking bread, if you use any bread over the price of $4/loaf, you're a tool. 
  2. Using a skillet is the best way to fill grilled cheeses.
  3. Get your skillet up to like 5 on your stove, so it's hot, but like, not too hot.
  4. Get your bread and butter that shit. You can butter each side, but do the side that you're putting the cheese on with a little bit more butter or whatever the fuck you use and spread it like a 10 ye-.
  5. Put the side that you're not going to be putting the cheese/other condiments face down, just so the butter starts melting but is not cooking with just butter on..
  6. Add your cheese. Go by these amounts of cheese for cheesyness. Pussy shit = 1/2 slice of cheese per grilled cheese. Oh and if you only make 1 grilled cheese sandwich, you're a tool. Decently cheesy = 1 slice of cheese per grilled cheese. Really cheesy = 2 slices of cheese per grilled cheese. Diabetic = anything above 2 slices of cheese.
  7. Make sure it cooks pretty damn good, if you want to be extra and not a complete THOT, you put some shit like ham or fucking bacon in that bitch.
  8. Make sure everything is cooked to perfection, make sure the butter melted and cooked in, but your bread doesn't look like IAmSuperFineMan's asshole. 
  9. enjoy that bitch, nigga.

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Half Life 3 confirmed? HOLY SHIT just in time for my 30th birday.

We all start out as idealists only to slowly but surely become realists one day, the likes of which we'd never imagine we would become. Meanwhile we stare back at new idealists and see a reflection of what we once were.


Facing reality to get through life.


:cockatiel: I drink birds alive and whole while petting them :cockatiel:




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